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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here are some great suggestions for Mother's Day gifts at many different price points.  We've tried these products ourselves and believe other moms will like them too.



Take some time for you. This Mother’s Day, buy a Mario Tricoci Gift Card and Get Up to $45 in Bonus Coupons! Visit a Salon or Print-a-Gift® online. Offer ends 5.14.17.





Look closely, and you'll see a map of Chicago etched onto this rocks glass from UncommonGreen.  These glasses are incredibly cool, and you can choose your city and type of glass: wine glass, carafe, ...

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

If you're looking for holiday gift ideas (or to indulge yourself), here are some products we have been given to try out that we thought you might like.





The new SoapSox® Disney Baby line of bath toys feature some of Disney’s most beloved characters including: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ariel and Flounder from The Little Mermaid, as well as, Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo. SoapSox® are  2-in-1 stuffed animal washcloths that kids can cuddle during the day and then play with during bath time at night.  A patented soap pocket transforms lov ...

Earn Money By Shopping Online

Really, I'm not kidding!  You can earn money just by doing your regular online shopping!  I just received my sixth check from this program, and want to tell everyone I know so they can earn money too.  

I heard about Ebates about a year ago, and was skeptical.  But I signed up anyway, since I'm a world-class cheapskate frugal and love to save money any way I possibly can.  And guess what?  It's real!  I started receiving checks in the mail!  
Here's how it works:

Click here to establish an ebates account.
Everytime you shop online, go to ebates.com first, then select your store and shop as usual.
Collect and ...

Scott Smith's All Animal Expo

Scott Smith's All Animal Expo is a great way to spend the day with kids who are animal lovers.  Better yet, admission is free for kids 10 and under.


The expo takes place the 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of every month at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton. 

The exhibit space is not large but they really pack a lot in.  It my 11 year old and I about 2 hours of walking around before we were satified that we had seen it all.


Amongst the animals for sale you will find hedgehogs, rabbits and even chickens.

On hand is Dr. Jason Olec ...

Best stroller blanket for any weather

I enjoy running, and often take my little one with me in the stroller on my runs.  The Bumkins Waterproof Stroller Blanket is one of the best stroller blankets that I have used and is effective in cold, rain, snow, wind, or any other type of blustery weather that you encounter. The elastic band that runs at the top and bottom of the blanket help to keep your little one bundled up without the chance of the blanket flapping up in the wind or when he or she decides to start kicking to pass time in the stroller.  The Bumkins blanket has four easy to use velcro straps that affix to any type of stroller, including umbrella or jogging strollers. Other blankets often use clips to a ...

Tubby Table- Bathtime Fun For Toddlers

Bath time can be fun time, but as babies grow into toddlers, it can quickly dissolve into chaos with water everywhere.  Two moms, Mary Barney and Julie Gibbs, experienced this very problem with their own children and decided to solve this challenge.  The moms put their backgrounds in early childhood education and business and experience working for Fisher-Price and Mattel to work, and the Tubby Table bathtub toy was born.   

I was excited to be one of the first to try the Tubby Table with my two-year old daughter. It is a wonderful bath toy for toddlers and certainly provided bath time fun. It was easy to assemble and she was very excited to give it a try. Lately she ...

LunaTagz Reflective Decals

Halloween Costumes Should be Scary -- Not Nighttime Drivers
If your kids are like mine, they're eagerly counting down the days to Halloween, anticipating all that candy they'll be collecting as they go door to door.  As a parent, though, you may be a little (or a lot!) concerned about how dark it gets before trick-or-treating hours are over, and how many streets are crossed during the annual candy crusade. 

Trick or treating at night poses a very real danger to kids who might not be seen by drivers as they dart from house to house.  Many people believe wearing light-colored clothing is enough to make pedestrians visible to drivers, but even if children are d ...