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Tubby Table- Bathtime Fun For Toddlers

Bath time can be fun time, but as babies grow into toddlers, it can quickly dissolve into chaos with water everywhere.  Two moms, Mary Barney and Julie Gibbs, experienced this very problem with their own children and decided to solve this challenge.  The moms put their backgrounds in early childhood education and business and experience working for Fisher-Price and Mattel to work, and the Tubby Table bathtub toy was born.   

I was excited to be one of the first to try the Tubby Table with my two-year old daughter. It is a wonderful bath toy for toddlers and certainly provided bath time fun. It was easy to assemble and she was very excited to give it a try. Lately she ...

Kiwi Crate Inspires Creativity!

Originally Posted by Sue,  May 6, 2013
Kiwi Crate is great concept in kid's crafts.   When you sign up for a monthly service ($19.95 per month), your child receives a crate every month with necessary supplies for 2-3 projects.   The projects could be in art, science, crafts, imaginative play.  My daughter worked on a special Mother's Day crate to create felt flowers in a vase.   The crate contained high quality supplies with detailed instructions to create the project.  The online pic of the finished project looks like:

 My 6 year old completed the project completely on her own (with me reading directions), and her project looks like:

Its v ...

Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

Originally Posted by Sue, December 9, 2012
Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is a really fun game!   I initially played with my 6 year old daughter but then roped a couple of my boys into the game to play with her as well.   Somehow they managed to turn even a cupcake building game into a heated competition!   


There is no reading involved and it is a cooperative game, which is great with younger kids.   You are on the same team and not competing against each other, only against the timer.   The game comes with ten adorable cupcakes that you build based on the cards you draw.  You work together against the timer to find the brightly colored cu ...

What's in the Cat's Hat

Originally Posted by Sue, December 9, 2012 
What's in the Cat's Hat is a fun game to play with young and older kids.   I played with my 6 and 8 year olds.  The object of the game is to place an item in the hat and take a turn to guess it.   The game comes with action and question cards that help give you clues to the item.  Depending upon the card you draw,  you end up doing something silly like smell it or feel it with your elbows.   The kids had a great time playing it.   You can make the game a little easier (depending on the age of the participants) by limiting where you get the item from.   Our first game went on for quite some ...

My Daughters the Designers

Originally Posted by Jean, December 6, 2011
My daughters received two design toys from Fashion Angels last week and happily got to work testing them out.  The first course of action was to determine who would get which toy first.  Thankfully, it was a peaceful negotiation that was resolved quickly and without parental intervention.  Good to know that's still possible! 

The creative process.

The Interior Design Light-Box Lap Desk  is a back-lit lap desk that comes with graph paper, templates of various furniture pieces, crayons and texture plates.  The templates look like overhead projector slides.  They're placed on the d ...

Pix Mix .... A Great Game!

Originally Posted by Sue, December 4, 2011
So you are the kind of person who can't ever find the scissors in the junk drawer...... even if they are right in front of your face ....... regardless of how hard you try??    This is the game for you! Sharpen your visual skills with Pix Mix, The Super-Speedy Game of Scrutiny!   What a fun game!  
It comes with 80 transparent picture cards which include things like a bowling pin, anchor, pencil, palm tree, and so on and so on.    Each player starts the game with 6 cards stacked on top of each other.   You flip the timer and have 30 seconds to figure out how many objects you can d ...

Light Up your Creations!

Originally Posted by Sue, December 4, 2011 

My boys have been having a great time playing with Laser Pegs Lighted Construction Kits.    We have three sets..... Tractor, Mini Monster Bug and Dune Buggy.    What's great about them is that you are not limited to building just what the set is for.   My kids enjoyed using their imagination and building a sword, a football goal post, and various other contraptions as well.
The Laser Peg kits each have approximately 30 pieces, which includes various shapes, a power cord and a power unit.  Just like legos, the kits all work together, so you can combine them and make a much larg ...

Create a Lego Scene

Originally Posted by Sue, November 22, 2011
The Lego Storage bin made by Neat-Oh company is a great way to store a small to medium amount of Legos if you are traveling, even if its just from room to room in your own house!   The inside of the bin opens up to a playmat that can become part of the Lego scene that your kids are building.   They are made from a washable vinyl material with very sturdy zippers on all sides.  They are a great way to do a quick cleanup of Legos that are cluttering up your entire family room floor!    Just throw them in the bin and zip it up! 

My boys have been playing with the standard yellow bin that has a landscap ...

TerriLee Doll a Hit!

Originally Posted by Sue, November 22, 2011
My 5-year old daughter has been playing with the TerriLee doll and loves her! 

She thinks the doll is “very pretty” and I agree!    She is a great traditional 15” doll for a little

girl ..... simple and not too over the top, as some of the girl toys can be!   Her clothes are made very well and are all separate pieces - shirt, skirt, sweater, bloomers, knit hat, socks and shoes.   My daughter likes to dress her and is able to take the clothes on and off by herself.  Because they are made so nicely, there is no worry that she will rip the velcro or fabric.
She co ...

Imaginets: A Toy Worth Fighting Over

Originally Posted by Learning to Love the Chaos , November 9, 2011 

The value of a toy, to me, a mom of three very busy young boys, is its ability to entertain, educate if possible, and to do it without much interaction from me. Just being honest.
The “Imaginets” from MindWare was the perfect toy for my guys on a recent overnight trip, when we were up too late and crowded in too small of a hotel room. With its wooden traveling case, containing 42 magnetic wood blocks and 50 full-color design cards, the toy became a fast favorite of my 5-year-old and fought over by my nearly 10-year-old. Plus, a few days later, the toy was the exact distraction my 2-year-old ...